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The Inhabited Woman

Author: Gioconda Belli

ISBN: 9780299206840
Pages: 414
Description: ¿Por dónde comenzar a recomendar este libro si hay tantas aristas que ya no sé cuál es mi favorita?
La mujer habitada es un libro de la liberación femenina que poco a poco te va habitando por sus personajes femeninos quienes luchan contra el papel que la sociedad les ha impuesto, no sólo como mujeres sino como personas en un ambiente hostil que sólo se puede dar durante las dictaduras.
Lavinia es una mujer que ha crecido favorecida, sus padres pertenecen a la burguesía Nicaraguense lo que le ha permitido viajar y estudiar en el extranjero, a su regreso, Nicaragua enfrenta una dictadura que ha dejado desaparecidos, muertos y presos políticos, mismos que hasta cierto punto le eran «indiferentes». No es hasta que su vida cambia cuando se ve vinculada con el Frente Sandinista Liberación Nacional que debe usar sus privilegios para apoyar lo que ella cree correcto. Este vínculo tan estrecho que ella forma con el MLN gracias a Felipe, un hombre del que se enamora, le va abriendo los ojos y entendiendo de qué se trata la lucha. ¿Es posible mantenerse indiferente ante la violencia?
A la par, conocemos la historia de Iztá, una mujer indígena que luchó junto a otros guerreros en la época de la conquista española y fue juzgada como bruja debido a que se vinculó fuertemente con la guerra, esta voz poética es una de las que más disfruté, conocer a Itzá, sus creencias y dificultades le dieron a a narrativa de Lavinia el toque perfecto de aprendizaje de sí misma.
Finalmente, uno de los detalles que más me parecen importantes en la novela es la forma en que Gioconda Belli retrata el machismo inmerso dentro de la misma lucha, esta lucha de izquierda que parece querer liberar a la mujer pero que no la incluye, no la escucha y pretende «protegerla» como el típico macho. Me maravilla la forma en que Lavinia se debate entre el amor que le tiene a Felipe y la crítica que ella misma realiza de él al momento de negarle participar en esta lucha armada. Ella misma dice afirma sólo la muerte nos visiviliza (la de las mujeres) en la historia.
Maravilloso libro que no deja de parecerme tan real y ligado a mi vida. Por la violencia, las muertes, un Nicaragua que podría ser cualquier país de latinoamérica y una mujer que podría ser cualquiera de nosotras, privilegiadas, universitarias y que nos cuestionamos día a día nuestro papel en el mundo.

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17 May

Antigone / Oedipus the King / Electra

Author: Sophocles

ISBN: 9780192835888
Pages: 178
Description: This volume contains three masterpieces by the Greek playwright Sophocles, widely regarded since antiquity as the greatest of all the tragic poets. The vivid translations, which combine elegance and modernity, are remarkable for their lucidity and accuracy, and are equally suitable for reading for pleasure, study, or theatrical performance. The selection of Antigone, Oedipus the King, and Electra not only offers the reader the most influential and famous of Sophocles’ works, it also presents in one volume the two plays dominated by a female heroic figure, and the experience of the two great dynasties featured in Greek tragedy–the houses of Oedipus and Agamemnon.
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The details that are unadvertised Forms Of Composing Papers That Numerous Individuals Aren’t Conscious Of

The details that are unadvertised Forms Of Composing Papers That Numerous Individuals Aren’t Conscious Of

Exactly about forms of Writing Papers

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Title: Little Women

Author: Louisa May Alcott

ISBN: 9780448060194
Pages: 643
Description: Someone I know claimed this no longer has value, that she would never recommend it because it’s saccharine, has a religious agenda, and sends a bad message to girls that they should all be little domestic homebodies. I say she’s wrong on all counts. This is high on my reread list along with Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and a Tree Grows in Brooklyn–you could say that I’m pretty familiar with it.

Let’s see–there’s a heroine who not only writes, but is proud of the fact and makes a profit from it in a time that this was somewhat out-of-the-ordinary. Reading this, and especially knowing later that the main character is (for all practical purposes) Alcott herself, inspired me to write myself, and I haven’t forgotten the writing lessons even today: don’t let money cloud your vision, write for yourself first, take criticism, write what you know. Still wise even today. Also in this book, we see the perspective of a family coping with the financial and emotional strain of having a loved one away at war, something that is unfortunately all too relatable today. There’s also (extraordinary in those times, common in ours)a platonic, though not uncomplicated, friendship between a man and a woman that is sort of a different kind of love story in a way and a powerful one at that. We see people getting married, but marriage is never portrayed as The Answer to Everything–many of the matches involve sacrifice and struggling. The girls, though good at heart, aren’t a picture-perfect family of saints. They’re flawed and human. The paragon Beth would seem the exception, but the message with her is more about how even the quietest among us can make an impact on the world–not parading her isolated life as an example, only her kindness.

I won’t lie. Someone dies, there’s a war and a father’s away–so yes, God is mentioned: I think there’s a few Pilgrim’s Progress references in passing and there’s some talk of faith at moments when the characters most need it. To contemporary readers, this may seem like a lot, but heavy-handed it is not. It was probably somewhat unusual for its time. The thought that everyone’s relationship and perception of God could greatly vary, and that to be true to your religion was entirely non judgmental and meant being kind to other people and trying to make yourself better, not other people? The thought that each person must be allowed to deal with these feelings in their own time in their own way? Wacky stuff.

I admit it seems like a tough sell to today’s kids, packaged in somewhat formal sounding-language, and bearing every indication of being literary broccoli, but this book is a classic for a reason. It might be a tough sell, but I don’t think we should give up on trying to think of ways to do it anyway. What’s inside still counts. Don’t write it off.
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